Biblical Studies Programme

bookshelf-reference2200pxThis course is a two-year (four semester program intended for students who have completed high school or a G.E.D. program or its equivalent. ¬†Students must take all the required courses and pass them with a grade “C” or better. ¬†They must have a total 72 to graduate.

Biblical Studies
The Biblical Studies course is a two-year (four semester) program for students who have completed at least two years of transferable general education. Students must take all the required courses and pass with a grade “C” or better, and must submit official transcripts for the two years of general education. The Biblical Studies course consists of 60 semester credits of general education from an approved/accredited school, combined with 72 semester credits earned at CCBI. This is the same course as offered by CCBC Murietta.

Different Options
Do you need to attend the full two years? Students may come for one, two or as many semesters as they desire. Some students may come for just one or two semesters in order to get missionary training with the goal of going out as a missionary. This time can be used for equipping and ascertaining where and how they will minister. 

  • Transfer Students: Because we are a full affiliate campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, we are able to accept all transfer students from there or from any of the other affiliate campuses despite their current semester rotation. Students may come for a semester and then return to Murrieta, or stay on with us to finish their degree.
  • First Time Students: You do not need to attend the campus in Murrieta first or one of the other affiliate campuses before you come to CCBI. We welcome first time applicants. You may begin your schooling here but decide that you want to finish at the campus in Murrieta or one of the other campuses. This option is available. Thus, we offer the flexibility of transfer elsewhere, or continuing all four semesters with us, or just doing a shorter period of training. We want you to have the freedom to chose the path that best suits your needs.