Ministry in Fiji

In January 2016, the islands of Fiji were hit by a devastating hurricane. Hurricane Winston was the worst recorded hurricane in the southern hemisphere and demolished many buildings and dwellings across the islands. As a school, we became involved in the rebuilding process, particularly in the village of Uluibau on the island of Moturiki.  We have connections with a local Fijian pastor and Uluibau is his home town. With a desire to help and serve this community, we sent a small team to explore the opportunities for support and assistance in April 2016. The team helped build a home for a single mum and her three children. Since then, we’ve sent a team once a year to build additional structures and take additional supplies.
Our desire is to encourage the Christians there and ultimately see the gospel go out among the islands. We have a unique opportunity to partner with this local pastor who is raising up young men and women who have a heart to see their community know the love of God. He would like to send students to CCBI NZ for a year to be equipped for the ministry, and then have them return to their home towns and villages to minster to their people. 
If you would like to partner with us and be financially involved in the work the Lord is doing in Fiji, you can make an online donation below. One hundred percent of your donation will go towards ministry in the Fiji Islands and sponsoring Fijian students, enabling them to attend biblical training at CCBI NZ.  

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