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Disaster Relief

As many of you know, the islands of Fiji were recently hit by the devastating hurricane Winston in January 2016. This hurricane was the worst recorded in the southern hemisphere and demolished many buildings and dwellings across the islands. We here at CCBI have a heart to get involved in encouraging the local church and rebuilding, particularly in the village of Uluibau on the island of Moturiki, where we have connections with a local pastor. In April, we sent a small team to explore the opportunities for support and assistance. The team helped build one home for a single mum and her three children.

The next step for us as a school is sending another outreach team in November 2016. This team of staff and students will help build additional dwellings and take additional supplies. Our heart is to help this nation rebuild and provide encouragement to the Christians there in the face of overwhelming disaster.

You can view a brief video of CCBI’s last mission trip to Fiji by visiting the link here or also via the CCBI mobile app. If you would like to get involved financially, you can make a credit card donation below. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly toward disaster relief efforts in Fiji through CCBI.

Thank you and God bless!   IMG_1116 devastation 1   IMG_1102 work project   IMG_1101 devastation 2