How can I access the internet?

  • CCBI has wireless internet access across campus.  There are certain websites that are restricted.

apple_macbook_pro_15_inch_6_genWill I need a laptop computer?   

  • Yes, we recommend all students bring a laptop.

Will my iPod, iPhone, iPad or other electronic device work on campus?iphone-5-black-and-white

  • Yes, most iPods, iPhones, iPads and other electronics will work on campus with some application limitations.

 Do I need a converter and/or adapter for my personal electronics?

  • We highly advise that you bring adapters and/or a converter in order to enable your electronic(s) and electrical item(s) to be compatible with New Zealand’s electricity.
    • Converters are more expensive than adapters.  Additionally, they are difficult to find once you are here.  Most hair dryers, curling irons, etc. will need a converter.
    • Adapters are available for purchase in most electronics stores.  Most laptops, iPods or MP3 players, and digital cameras may only require an adapter.  They can be purchased in Rotorua as well, after arrival.

Here is what the NZ outlets look like:


Here is what the adapter for NZ looks like:


  • In order to determine whether you will need a converter or adapter:
    • Check the transformer on your electronic or electric item to idenitfy the range of electricity.
    • If it indicates 110-240v, an adapter is sufficient
    • Failure to use the proper conversion accessory will result in malfunction.