At CCBI New Zealand, there are lots of times for you to have fellowship and get to know other students as well as the staff.  There is a weekly chapel service “Koinonia” as well as a Tuesday night prayer meeting that are attended by both students and staff.  Students meet together each Friday in small groups, have morning devotions together and eat most meals together.  In your free time, grab other students and play volleyball, go for a walk down to the river, head to the pool for a swim, play tennis, soccer or ultimate frisbee.

There is plenty of space to explore and enjoy and you will get to do it with other like-minded people.  Most of the staff live onsite so you will get to know them in a way maybe not possible at another location.  We take a 10 day outreach each semester and you will get to know those on your team quite well during this time.  You will also be part of a team that serves at a local church each Sunday.

What we are trying to say is that you can’t really come to CCBI and hide.  We believe in fellowship and we try to allow that to happen on many levels and in many different scenarios.  We want this to be like a family for you during your time here and for you to get to know those here and be able to open up to them and speak into one another’s lives.