A typical dorm room

A typical dorm room

One of the unique factors of CCBI is that staff families live on campus alongside other students and student families. This allows for greater access to one another and fellowship.  In addition to getting further equipped, student couples/families often serve as an example to others around them.


Dormitory housing is included in the tuition fees.  At CCBI, a key part of the learning process is the dynamic of living and interacting with other students.  God uses close living to teach students about patience, reconciliation, self-centeredness, prayer, service, and sacrifice.  As a campus of students from various cultures, we ask that each student be sensitive to one another’s culture, and love and serve one another.


CCBI offers married couples housing on-campus.  For married couples without children, the housing fees are included in the tuition price.  Each room includes a queen-sized bed–including pillows, duvets, and linens; own closet(s) and storage; and desk.


There are weekly laundry sign-ups available.  Laundry costs are not included in the tuition price.  The price for one load of wash is $3.00 NZD.  The price for one load of drying is $3.00 NZD.  You have the option to hang dry clothes in designated areas.