Every semester, students and some staff head out for a 10 day Outreach

We cannot quantify the impact that these have on each student to have a growing concern and care for others, a desire to build up the Body of Christ, and a burden to reach the lost.


Each student is part of one 10-day outreach per semester.

As there are various weekend outreaches throughout the semester, students are welcome to join multiple weekend outreach teams.

Locations vary from semester to semester.

Outreaches are primarily led to Calvary Chapel ministries throughout New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the South Pacific Rim.

Costs vary from outreach-to-outreach. They can range from 500 NZD to 1100 NZD, depending on where you go.

The costs are NOT included in the tuition price.

Costs include transportation, housing, and meals (unless they are otherwise specified).

There are various types of outreaches–practical ministry, evangelism and discipleship ministry, children’s ministry, English lessons/camps, and others.

There will be an outreach reflection paper due as part of the Evangelism and Disicipleship/ Community Outreach course.

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