Sending/Receiving Mail

How do I receive mail?

If you are receiving a package, please ensure that the sender has clearly written your name on the package or letter.

If they are mailling you a package, they will be required to complete a customs form.

When completing the contents section, please ensure that–if applicable–they write “GIFT – NOT FOR RESALE”.

If a value over $40 is noted, you may be charged on the receiving end by New Zealand customs.

In order to prevent theft, please ensure that they DO NOT include cash in any package or letter.

Depending on the sending location, delivery method, and mailing options; packages can take anywhere from five days to four weeks.

Sending Mail

Our Campus is about 30 minutes outside of Taupo, which has several post offices where you can mail letters and postcards anywhere in the world.  Trips are made into town each week, allowing you this option.

Mailing address for students:

(This is where personal mail for students should be sent)

CCBI at River Lodge
PO Box 178
Reporoa 3060
New Zealand

Our P.O. Box

(This is where applications and supporting documents can be sent)

Calvary Chapel Bible Institute
PO Box 750
Rotorua 3040
New Zealand