Visa Information2

**After you have been accepted, you are required to complete the work visa application form (INZ 1015) which can be downloaded off the Immigration NZ website (INZ1015-Work Visa Application).  We will send you the appropriate paperwork needed to apply for this visa!

If you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen, you do not need a visa to attend CCBI. 

You are required to submit your application to the relevant New Zealand Consulate. With your application, you are required to send your passport, two passport size photographs, proof of round trip airline tickets, a letter of acceptance from Calvary Chapel Bible Institute (CCBI) showing course length and that the tuition includes board and lodging for the entirety of the semester.  You are also required to provide a Sponsorship Form that we must fill out for you.

We can only fill out and then send you the Sponsorship Form once we receive your $500 Deposit.  Please contact the appropriate New Zealand Consulate and ask them the process you need to follow once you have all the appropriate paperwork ready to go.  This process has changed somewhat in the past few years and there is no realistic way for us to keep up with the changes and how it affects each country.  The Cost of the visas for US citizens, at the moment, is a $37 Visa handling fee.  Please allow eight weeks for processing.  For additional information regarding the visa application process or if you have any other questions please to contact us by email at